Until This Moment

Her diagnosis was a surprise to us. The minute she was born, five weeks early and dark purple, my wife knew that something was wrong. Rose saw the pronounced features of our baby’s face and knew that her color was....[see full article]

You Don’t Belong Here

I was excommunicated from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) near the end of April 2017 on a Saturday evening. It was a surreal experience hearing the Stake President, after prayerful and painful consideration, say, “It is my responsibility to inform you.... See full article

My Friend’s Journey Back Through Excommunication

I recently met Perri while we were discussing our experience coming back to Church after being excommunicated. Perri is a Hawaiian native and Utah resident. Him and I both recently went through the repentance process and share that experience very differently. We were discussed the potential we have to reach different people. He has a … Continue reading My Friend’s Journey Back Through Excommunication