This should be an amazing event that you should definitely register for if you are not far from Provo, UT. The event is at no cost to you and has amazing content for those who have doubts, questions, and would like to meet members of our community to increase in respect and faith together. Click the picture above to register or the link directly below:

Event Details
WHAT: Uplift is pleased to host VISION 2020. This is our second annual gathering and we’re excited to meet YOU! This will be a cheerful event for friends, family, and loved ones as we learn and grow together. We care about you and we’re glad you’re choosing to spend this sacred time with us. We’ll provide additional program details via email in the coming weeks and months.

WHY: Our mission is to provide a warm and open environment for those who doubt and any who want to better understand doubt. We welcome all sincere seekers as we try to uplift one another.

WHERE: Our gathering will be held at the Multi Stake Building at 350 N. 900 E. in Provo, Utah 84606.

WHEN: Friday, April 3rd from 5:00 – 9:00 pm local MT time.

WHO: At VISION 2020 you’ll get to know the Uplift team, along with many inspiring scholars and partners including:

○ Terryl and Fiona Givens –
○ Ben Spackman –
○ Steven C. Harper –
○ Saints Unscripted –
○ Blake Gillette Music –
○ Faith is Not Blind –
○ Outcasted –
○ The Forge –
○ Public Square Magazine –
○ Brightness of Hope –
○ North Star –
○ Faith Forward –

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