Once I was excommunicated from the Church I decided to become a serious student of the gospel. I reached out to my mission president, who I hadn’t spoken to in a few years and told him of what I was experiencing and my desire to learn.

He said, “I was very happy to hear that you feel like this is the time for you to again become a serious student of the gospel.  I know that God endows serious students of the gospel with a special kind of protection that stems from a knowledge and application of pure doctrine in daily living.  Unfortunately, the plain and simple truths (Alma 37: 6-7) and the necessary gospel activities that keep us safe in mortality are easily pushed aside under the pressures of life.  I would strongly encourage you at this time to consider reducing the non-essential activities in your life and to simplifying the essential activities in your life so that you have the time to immerse yourself in a daily regimen of scripture study and meaningful prayer.”

Since then we have been mindful about what we made time for as a family and I devoted many hours to studying the scriptures, and other content specifically related to the Atonement.

My Stake President gave me a study packet, which I have added to this blog on a separate page. It lists a 31 day schedule of talks and scriptures to be studied each day. Of course you can apply this packet however you feel would be helpful. I will be adding more talks and resources to the list as I find them. I hope you find them as enlightening as I did!

Just click on the link below and start studying.


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