Powerful thoughts on truth regarding Christ and His Church.

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Fluent in Truth

“I’d like to bear my testimony…

…that I know this Church is true”—has to be one of the most colloquial phrases in Mormon culture. Although it is typically used innocently with nothing but good intentions, it is beginning to cause a rift between two developing parties. I am writing this today to (1) dissolve the rift, (2) expose the distractive nature of the rift, (3) and bear testimony of the only Living Truth—who is Jesus. I hope that Mormons will read this, I hope those who use to be Mormon will read this, and I hope those who have never been Mormon will read this. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and any other church that has been established on this earth, is not true in an eternal sense—but, that’s not really the point. 

The Rift

With our unparalleled access to information, it’s no secret anymore…

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